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No two child custody cases are alike, so we strive to give each case the individualized attention it deserves, creating tailored legal strategies for each of our clients.

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When navigating a child custody matter, you might feel stressed out, confused and emotionally drained. The process can be difficult to handle and confusing for you and your family, but having the right attorney on your side can help you resolve child custody issues in a way that is best for everyone involved.

Olexa & Casari Ltd offers full support for people going through child custody matters. Our team has years of experience and the skill and knowledge to help you, no matter how difficult your situation. We start by listening to you and determining what your family’s needs and your child’s best interests are before crafting a personalized legal strategy that will help you and your family. We’re with you throughout the entire process, advocating for you at every step, always focusing on you and your child’s best interests. Contact us today to get more information from an experienced, compassionate child custody attorney.

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“I chose Olexa & Casari Ltd because they were recommended as being the best. I was not disappointed! I worked with Michael D. Casari Jr. Michael was professional, honest and extremely knowledgeable. Michael swiftly resolved the issue and provided me with outstanding service. I would highly recommend Michael Casari Jr. and his team!”

—Former Client

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