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How a DUI conviction may affect your career

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | DUI/DWI |

For anyone convicted of DUI, the results may linger for years. Right away, you must focus on court hearings, pleas, fines, restitution, sentences, potential incarceration and loss of driver’s license.

Beyond that, though, a DUI conviction can sting even more by affecting aspects of your work life and professional career. This goes well beyond having a tarnished reputation. You may lose your job and face many challenges and restrictions placed upon you by your employer.

Job termination and loss of professional license

Here are some of the ways that a DUI conviction may lead to obstacles in your career:

  • The inability to drive: A DUI conviction likely leads to losing your driver’s license. How will you get to client locations? This also will affect how you get to work, potentially leading to many days of tardiness and possible dismissal. You may have to rely on relatives, friends, coworkers or public transportation and ride-sharing services. This may not be effective.
  • Termination from your job: Some employers have stringent policies against hiring people with criminal convictions, including DUI. If you already have a job, though, that does not protect you. An employer may uncover a conviction during a background check related to a job promotion. Suddenly, you may find that your “position has been eliminated.”
  • Loss of professional license: State licensing requirements are in place for professionals such as physicians, dentists, attorneys, accountants and teachers. A DUI conviction may lead to state boards reviewing your license and possibly taking it away. As a result, your career may be temporarily on hold.

For any professional, a DUI conviction hurts in so many ways. A potential career change could be on horizon.

Avoiding such charges is crucial

You want to do your best to avoid a DUI conviction. Ideally, you want to get such charges dismissed or reduced. Such outcomes are much more palatable than the alternative that can end your career.