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Experienced And Aggressive Alimony And Spousal Support Representation

Clients who are experiencing a divorce or marital separation are often concerned about how they will support themselves afterward, or what may be expected of them to support the former spouse. Attorney Michael Casari offers skilled representation in such matters on a daily basis. Attorney Casari can often help the former couple to reach an agreement regarding alimony or spousal support. When an agreement cannot be reached, attorney Casari and his staff offer compassionate and individualized attention to each client, to obtain the best result.

At Olexa & Casari, attorney Casari can often advise clients what they could get or would owe for alimony or spousal support. Attorney Casari will explain how the domestic relations department works and what you can expect from the court system with regard to your support issues. In court, attorney Casari will employ the latest skills and strategies to obtain the best result for the client, so that you will be confident that you have hired the right lawyer.

Factors That Determine Alimony In Pennsylvania

  • The present earnings and the earning capacities of both parties.
  • The ages and the physical, mental and emotional conditions of the parties.
  • The sources of income of both parties, including medical, retirement, insurance or other benefits.
  • Any expectancies and inheritances.
  • The length of the marriage.
  • The standard of living established in the marriage.
  • The education and/or degrees of each party.
  • Assets, liabilities and property in the marriage or owned individually.
  • Relative needs of the parties.
  • Marital misconduct; and other factors.
  • The contribution of one party to the other party’s education, training or increased earning power.

If you are considering divorce, it is critical that you discuss your options with an experienced lawyer. Contact attorney Michael Casari for experienced and compassionate representation.