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In today’s unforgiving society, one can hardly underestimate the value of protecting one’s reputation. A black mark on your criminal history file can have life-altering consequences. Many employers won’t even consider applicants who have criminal convictions on their criminal history records.

Pennsylvania law does offer a few options for individuals who are trying to remove records of criminal charges for which they were convicted, or for which they participated in pretrial diversionary programs, and also for charges that were withdrawn or dismissed but that still appear on your criminal history.

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Examples Of When You Can Get An Expungement

You may qualify for an expungement if you:

  • Had charges brought against you and they were then dismissed.
  • Completed a deferred judgment and sentence or diversion program.
  • Were acquitted of charges, most likely thanks to the assistance of an attorney.
  • Were wrongfully accused of a crime.

The benefits of an expungement are many, including:

  • Removal of your criminal and arrest records from public records, including the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Repository
  • Removal of risks of negative outcomes of a credit or background check
  • Renewed ability to truthfully answer that you have not been charged or convicted of a crime when applying for jobs, housing or federal student loans
  • Protection of your professional license

Don’t let your past dictate your future. Find out how to get a fresh start if an expungement is available to you.

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