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Every divorce or legal separation presents challenges in the areas of asset division, but there can be especially complex and difficult to resolve when marital assets are complex and high-value. Dividing rapidly appreciating real estate can be difficult to agree on.

Splitting up business interests, professional practices, complex investments, collectibles and unusually valuable personal assets can present quandaries that can easily ramp up the costs of a divorce. Individuals and couples who hope to avoid overspending on legal fees are often motivated to find creative but fair solutions. At Olexa & Casari, we encourage clients to settle asset division agreements through collaborative law, mediation or other nonadversarial methods.

With Law Offices In Hazleton, Serving The Region

At Olexa & Casari, we advise people going through complex, high-asset divorces in Hazleton and throughout Luzerne County and surrounding Pennsylvania communities. Our firm has the experience, skill and resources to guide clients confidently through these complex processes.

Attorney Michael Casari is readily familiar with the accounting experts required to analyze and assist with the division of complex, high net worth marital estates. With the help of these experts and his experience in this field, attorney Casari will alleviate your concerns by providing top-notch assistance throughout a high net worth divorce.

Our clients include business owners, executives and others with concerns over high net worth divorces.

Protecting Your Financial Interests

We will provide you with advice regarding all aspects of property division, including business valuations, analyzing stock options, tracing separate property claims, researching real estate transactions, valuing pension and retirement accounts, and evaluating cash transactions to get you a favorable outcome during your high net worth divorce.

Mistakes To Avoid In A High Net Worth Divorce

Watch out for these common mistakes in a high-asset divorce:

  • Agreeing to anything just to get the divorce
  • Giving more out of guilt
  • Hiding assets
  • Failure to properly account for assets and liabilities
  • Failure to consider tax consequences
  • Failure to investigate
  • Listening to friends
  • Letting anger cloud your judgment
  • Failing to hire an attorney who is well suited for the job

Rest assured that if you work with Olexa & Casari, we will help you avoid such erroneous ways and, instead, find a reasonable path to resolution that protects your future financial security.

Get Trustworthy Legal Advice For Your High-Asset Divorce In Pennsylvania

If you are considering divorce, and you and your spouse have a high net worth, it is critical that you discuss your options with an experienced lawyer.

Contact our law firm today online or by telephone at 570-931-5943 to discuss your legal needs with an experienced divorce lawyer.