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Experienced And Compassionate Marital Agreement Representation

Clients contemplating marriage or cohabitation often seek the advice of an attorney to protect their interests in the event that the arrangement dissolves or they experience difficulties in their relationships. Even persons who think they have little to lose through a divorce can find themselves frustrated by the tremendous financial burden litigation can bring.

Attorney Michael Casari at Olexa & Casari has represented many clients for the purpose of establishing prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements. Attorney Casari and our staff offer individualized attention and skillful representation so that your current and future assets can be preserved in the event of a divorce or separation. Attorney Casari is well-versed in how to tailor such agreements to the individual needs of a client.

Types Of Marital Agreements In Pennsylvania

Attorney Casari often advises clients on the ramifications of a break-up and the strategies that can be employed to get favorable outcomes for clients. Couples whose anticipated union may involve children from previous relationships, inheritances, pensions, businesses and/or real estate need to consider written arrangements such as those below to avoid financial ruin

  • Prenuptial agreements (prenups)
  • Postnuptial agreements (postnups)
  • Cohabitation agreements

If you are considering marriage, are married and want to protect yourself, are living with a partner, or are considering divorce, it is critical that you discuss your marital agreement options with an experienced lawyer. Perhaps you already have a prenup or postnup and now wish to modify it. Ask us about the most expedient and effective way to achieve a modification of a marital agreement.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer To Help You Create A Prenup or Postnup

At Olexa & Casari, our goal is for each client to be confident that they have chosen the right lawyer. We will start by assessing your situation and advising you on the most beneficial strategies for the creation of a premarital or postnuptial agreement. Also, if you are approaching divorce, we can assess an existing marital agreement to determine how to challenge an existing prenup or postnup or determine whether it is enforceable.

Contact attorney Michael Casari through our online inquiry form or by phone at 570-931-5943 for experienced and compassionate representation.