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A client sought the help of Attorney Olexa after he was accused of driving his vehicle in a high speed pursuit through several police jurisdictions, and committing a multitude of traffic violations. The Fleeing Police charge was a felony which could have resulted in jail time. The client asserted his innocence and Attorney Olexa immediately began an independent investigation. The defense team was able to locate surveillance video from a local convenience store which positively proved that the client could not possibly have been involved in the police altercation, and provided a rock solid alibi. Attorney Olexa confronted the arresting officer with this evidence, and all charges pending against the client were WITHDRAWN.

A client, charged with several drug felonies, and accused of participating in a large scale interstate Marijuana distribution network through a local university, sought out Attorney Olexa’s help. State Drug Strike Force Troopers executed a search warrant at the client’s college apartment, and seized several pounds of marijuana, along with firearms and substantial cash. Attorney Olexa immediately began an independent investigation, and communicated directly with the investigating trooper and the district attorney. A conviction for these serious drug felonies could have sent the client to prison for an extensive period of time. Through attorney Olexa’s direct involvement, the client entered a plea to a simple possession of marijuana and received probation. All felonies pending against the client were WITHDRAWN, the client graduated college, and is free to pursue his dreams.

Police and firefighters responded to a structure fire at a multiunit building. After extinguishing the fire, a Deputy Fire Marshall determined that the cause of the fire was arson and arrested the client, who was present when the fire started. Facing felony arson and risking a catastrophe charges, the client turned to attorney Olexa for representation. Believing that the fire may have started accidentally, attorney Olexa immediately began an independent investigation and meticulously challenged the commonwealth’s evidence, including the fire marshall’s claim that the cause of the fire was in fact arson. After a lengthy preliminary hearing, all charges against the client were DISMISSED.

A client sought out the assistance of attorney Olexa after being arrested for armed robbery, burglary, terroristic threats and a whole host of related charges after being accused of breaking into a home and robbing money from a person inside. If convicted of these serious felonies, the client was facing upwards of 40 years in state prison. After becoming involved in the case, attorney Olexa’s investigation found that there was a lot more to the incident had the police had initially determined. Attorney Olexa prepared a vigorous defense and presented the new information to the police and the assistant district attorney. The client entered a plea to a single misdemeanor count of trespassing, and was placed on PROBATION for one year. ALL FELONY CHARGES WERE WITHDRAWN.

Police initiated a traffic stop of a client for a vehicle equipment violation, and alleged that the client sped away, causing the police to engage in a high-speed chase through a number of police jurisdictions and residential neighborhoods. When the vehicle was finally stopped, police allegedly found a distribution amount of cocaine. The client was facing charges serious charges of Felony Fleeing and Eluding Police, Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine, and DUI, among other charges. Attorney Olexa challenged all aspects of the police version of the events. ALL FELONY CHARGES WERE DISMISSED, and the client received PROBATION on a misdemeanor fleeing charge.

A client hired attorney Olexa to represent him because he was denied a license to carry a concealed firearm by a county sheriff. The sheriff claimed that the client was ineligible for licensure because of an instant background check made through the Pennsylvania State Police. Attorney Olexa filed a legal challenge to the denial of the license. After obtaining court documents from other counties showing that the client had not been convicted of a prohibitive offense, the APPEAL WAS SUSTAINED and the sheriff was directed to issue a firearms permit to the client.

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