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Bail is often the first step in the most serious criminal cases and is frequently the first big mistake people make when they try to represent themselves in criminal court without an experienced litigator like attorney Olexa by their side. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can address your bail issues alone, or with the ‘advice’ of a bail bondsman. Bail is a matter that requires someone with the knowledge to advise you of the best possible route and also, the least costly alternative.

Many sit in prison today because they spent all of their money on bail only to be without the money to hire proper counsel to assist in their defense. Attorney Olexa can frequently address the issue of bail without the posting of money by the client. He is also there to assist when a loved one is incarcerated and the family is confused about how to proceed and overwhelmed with inquiries from bail bondsmen.

Bail involves legal strategy and oftentimes, negotiation with police and prosecutors that attorney Olexa does not recommend a person handle alone. If you have criminal charges or know that criminal charges are coming, call Olexa & Casari today to obtain the assistance of experienced criminal defense counsel to answer all of your questions about the bail process.

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